SF Marathon Training – Week 14 and 15

These past two weeks were mentally the most challenging ones for me during the entire training period. Okay, but let’s start from the beginning. We started week 14 off with a nice 12 miles run which actually was really pretty nice. I was nervous at first, I mean it’s almost a half-marathon, but we went to our favorite route along the American River in Sacramento and time flew by 🙂 We even saw these wonderful ducks and geese along the way!

CAM00765As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was going to try the electrolyte drink provided by the SF Marathon, Nuun. We recently had picked up a pack of four tubes, each a different flavor. We did buy the “active hydration” kind, not the energy one as I don’t like having caffeine added to my drinks. We both really enjoyed the flavors and were positively surprised. They don’t test too sweet and you still want to take a sip after a bunch of miles. Pretty good! So it seems we might just stick to the SF Marathon’s electrolyte drink then and skip carrying all our water with us, yaaay!!

The run itself was fine, even though my old knee injury from last year came up. Sigh! I experience some knee pain on and off during my training, so it’s nothing that had bothered me too much. But this time, ugh, I don’t want to be all whiny but the pain was almost as bad as during my marathon last year and that was just awful. Well, with some stretching every mile I got it under control and I could finish the 12 mile run, but it was a huge disappointment since the training was going SO well so far.

Anyway, I did my cross-training on Sunday, the easy run on Monday, the interval training on Tuesday, and I felt totally fine. Weird though the injury seems to come back almost randomly. So I decided to take a few days off from running. I also was really busy at my job, clocked in way too many hours, so it almost felt like I had to take a break from running. The problem was the longer I paused from running, the more I got afraid of hitting the road again, since I wasn’t sure how my knee would feel like. Also, I had trouble bending it every now and then just randomly in my everyday life which really puzzled me. It doesn’t seem to be linked to running after all? I have no idea. So I made an appointment with a doctor another runner recommended. I hope it’ll all work out. Unfortunately, the appointment is not until June 9th, sigh… I went back to running today (after a 10 days break!) and what happened, again knee-pain within the first mile. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but I’m too scared to run through the pain. I really don’t want to damage my knee. So I decided to stick with cross-training for now until I’ve seen my doctor, focus on strengthening my knees and legs, hoping this will help to support the muscles. Very sorry for not having better news, but I will keep you posted how it goes. ❤

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