SF Marathon Training – Week 12

Week 12 – oh wow! That means it’s half time. Only 12 more weeks to go! In the past week we ran 10 miles, did some amazing intervals, hill training, and some easy runs in between!

On our 10 miles run I tested a few products from Vega Sport which I got for a very good price in one of their promo packages.


I tested the electrolyte hydrator as my drink and the endurance gel as my carbohydrate source later in the run. The electrolyte hydrator was really yummy, not too sweet as other drinks I tested before, but sweet enough. As a sweeter they use stevia which is more on the healthy side. The powder easily dissolved in water and was still refreshing at the end of the run. Usually I tend to make my own drinks, see the recipe here by the one and only Brendan Brazier ;-), but since I’m training for a marathon I don’t necessarily want to carry the drink for the entire race with me. That’s why I’m currently looking into some electrolyte drinks that I can mix with the water provided on race day. Sure, I could easily use the energy drinks they provide at the race, but in the past I made the experience that they provide drinks that are more on the sugary side. Well, and since I try to be as healthy as can be, these are no option for me. But I’ll definitely look into the energy drink that will be provided at the SF Marathon, Nuun. I heard good things about it, and will definitely give it a try on my upcoming 12 miles run. Do you have any experience with them? I really liked the electrolyte drink by Vega Sport and I hope I’ll get my hands on them for a good price soon.

The endurance gel was also quite nice. I typically don’t like gels, just because of their consistency and being SO sweet that I can barely swallow them while running, ugh. But you know, I’m always open for new things, so I gave it a shot. And yes, it still is not my favorite thing to eat during a run, but I think it’s a good option if you want to take a gel with you. Just like the electrolyte hydrator it’s not too sweet. It also doesn’t taste like it was made in a chem lab rather than using natural ingredients, so I would definitely consider trying it again 🙂

Both products definitely helped to finish my 10 miles run in pretty good shape. We were still smiling 🙂



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2 Responses to SF Marathon Training – Week 12

  1. Ellie says:

    I like clif shot gels for my running. I think they are also cheaper than Vega. However after your success I will have to give them a try!

    • VegConscious says:

      I really like the Vega gels because they don’t taste as artificial as other gels. Knowing you having good experience with clif shot gels, I will have to give them a try 😉

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