Vegan in Germany – Max Pett another great vegan restaurant in Munich

On my trip through Germany I got the chance to have dinner at Max Pett, a vegan restaurant in the heart of Munich. Opened in 2010 by vegan owners this restaurant has now turned to one of the most popular vegan restaurants int he city. They only serve non-alcoholic beverages, including non-alc beer and wine which I think is absolutely amazing. They mainly serve traditional German dishes – veganized of course!

Let’s start with an easy meal, Italian brochette 🙂


Their “cheese” spaetzle were SO yummy!! It was like an explosion in my mouth – and I mean that in a absolute positive way, haha!


As a dessert we enjoyed the one and only “Kaiserschmarrn” which people believed was not-veganizable (if that’s even a word) because it’s made with lots of eggs. So here’s proof, people, even the most egg-rich meals can be made vegan! I love it 🙂


On another occasion we went there for another dinner and had this for dessert, WAFFLES!! YAAYYY 🙂 I forgot to take a photo of our main dish, but is was super yummy too!! And to be honest, aren’t desserts what really matters in life?


Max Pett just opened their second ‘Mini’ location in the vegan grocery chain Veganz that just had opened a new location in Munich. We went there as well and had a yummy smoothie and a cupcake 🙂

DSCN1112DSCN1116 DSCN1115

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