Thank the Turkeys Event at Animal Place

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the wonderful ‘Thank the Turkeys’ event at Animal Place. I had such a great time 🙂

Here’s a little video I put together about the animals I met that day.

Visitors had the chance to visit the animals and spend some time with them.

I couldn’t resist but to upload some more of my photos.

Animal Care Director Jamie London made sure all animals were well taken care of and happy 🙂DSCN0978

The pigs did what they know to do best – they so deserve it!! DSCN0985

There was a wonderful silent auction with amazing paintings and other fun prizes!


IMGP4504 IMGP4503 IMGP4505 IMGP4507

We LOVED Aiden, he’s just so curious and he loves people!!

IMGP4540   IMGP4520

But all of the sheep were so beautiful!!IMGP4551 IMGP4562

Theo (the Holstein on the right) and Stanley (the Angus on the left) made everyone’s heart melt!!


Stanley-Perfection! Isn’t he adorable!!


The boys were posing for us visitors, here you can see Theo and Linus.


Next, we visited the goats who were busy looking cute!

IMGP4683 IMGP4689

Willie loves people, he’s such a wonderful goat.


Michelle from Vegan Break snuggles with Lucy the pig.


Benjamin is such a huge pig and I must admit I was a little scared of his size – and his eyes..IMGP4790

..but he was very calm and nice 🙂


Mishka doing the cutest pig pose ever!!


Mishka definitely has a special place in my husband’s heart!!

IMGP4842 IMGP4845

The crowd gets ready to hear Colleen Patrick-Goudreau speak.

IMGP4861    IMGP4879

The amazing Education Director Marji Beach handing out the sweet potato pies for the turkeys and chickens!!

IMGP4896   IMGP4903 IMGP4908

Feeding the cute turkey girls 🙂

IMGP4918 IMGP4928 IMGP4930

Look at this dirty beak, haha 🙂


Social Media & Campaigns Coordinator Toni Okamoto and Jennifer Jones Hornton from Local Love Catering – the heads behind the food 😉


In a perfect location people were spoiled with amazing food and fantastic speakers!!

IMGP5031 IMGP5032 IMGP5036    IMGP5051

Thanks Animal Place for this incredibly beautiful day!! We had such a great time and enjoyed hanging out with all the wonderful animals!! Thanks to Local Love Catering for the fantastic food and for making it happen to feed this large number of people!! WOW!!

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