PETA Pack Race 2013

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I crossed the finish line in Long Beach running my third half-marathon within ONE year! It’s incredible and you know what, I never thought this was possible. Me being the running-hater I’ve always been running half-marathons?! This is crazy! Well, here I am showing off the gorgeous medal right next to my gorgeous friend Margaret!!

Long Beach Medal

The past PETA Pack season was different than the one in 2012. Why? Well, for me it was less about the running itself, probably I got injured earlier in the year and didn’t want to risk anything, but it was more about team spirit, meeting wonderful people who ended up being the most amazing friends in this world! I mean look at this fantastic group of people!! We had so much fun and just loved to meet up for this thing called running 🙂

PETA Pack Run South Bay

The three months of training went by so quickly, wow. As the mileage increased the donations on our fundraising pages kept rolling in, and the entire team raised almost $100,000 to support PETA’s groundbreaking work to help animals.

Check out the featured animals who were all saved by PETA’s Investigations team,  supported by the money we raised in the past year! AMAZING!!

Buddy and Copper

Looking at these pictures makes me forget all the pain, all the sweat, all the time I spent running to make this happen! Being part of something such big is just incredible, and makes literally ALL the pain disappear!!

The official PETA Pack race this year was the Long Beach Half-Marathon!! Yay, I always take an excuse to travel down South 🙂


DSCN0801On race day we temporarily tattooed ourselves to show our PETA Pack pride, yay!

Look at these legs! To get these legs, two words: GO RUNNING!  (Disclaimer: These are not mine, I wish they were!) 😉CAM00417

One last picture before the start and off we went 🙂

CAM00418The race was perfect! We ran along the ocean, and the day was just gorgeous! People were cheering along the course!! SO cool!! Check out all the other great race photos on facebook!

Another highlight of the day was the awards ceremony in PETA’s Bob Barker building, PETA’s West Coast headquarters  in Los Angeles!! YES!! I was SO excited!!!DSCN0804

Here’s a peek in the office, all open space. This building just opened 2012, so it’s fairly new. I love this quote from Bob Barker:

“I support a long list of organizations, but I support PETA because I think that internationally it is probably the most productive of all animal-oriented organizations. And it doesn’t just try to help animals—it really produces. I think you get more for your dollar invested in PETA than you do [with] most any other organization.”


Bob Barker had donated 2.5 Million dollars to renovate this building before PETA moved in. Guess that’s a pretty good reason to get a building named after you!

We had a pretty nice feast including vegan pizza, cupcakes and all sorts of other treats, yum!!  DSCN0809

Then, the award ceremony followed and Michelle Cehn, the organizer of the PETA Pack team, announced the top 5 fundraisers and the special award winners.


My husband and I received the BEST TEAM SPIRIT AWARD!!! Woohoo!! What an honor!! I still get the chills when thinking of this moment, such a surprise and I had tears in my eyes (thank God for sunglasses, haha)!!


Stuffed with Pizza and the wonderful memories of this day we all fell asleep very early, but we did NOT miss the chance to check out a vegetarian cafe in Long Beach called Viento y Agua the next morning, so yummy!! Gotta love these ladies 🙂


So, if you’re still thinking about a cool and fun challenge New Year’s resolution, I’d suggest to join this incredible team of passionate people and do some running for the animals!! There are no excuses as you can sign up from anywhere in the world for any race you like, whether it’s a 5K, a 10K or a triathlon or even a bike race, yes, you can do it all!! Pledge to join the team in 2014 now, so you’ll receive all the updates and details about next year’s training schedule! Hope to see you there!

For the animals,


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2 Responses to PETA Pack Race 2013

  1. Laura says:

    Amazing job and for such a good cause! I loved seeing all of the pictures!

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