Get your votes in!!

I hope you all saw my contribution to the virtual vegan potluck and all the other amazing recipes provided by wonderful bloggers from around the world. What, you did not?! OMG, go straight over to VVP’s website and check them out!!

vvpLOGOJust in case you never heard about VVP before, here’s a brief summary. So in essence everyone can sign up to these wonderful potlucks which take place in May and November. There’s always a featured ingredient (these year: beets) you can choose to use in your recipe or not. Then you can decide if you want to make an appetizer, a drink, a main dish…..and it goes on and on! The fun about this virtual potluck is that ALL blogs will be connected! How? Every blog is asked to add a ‘back’ and a ‘forward’ button into their blog post which they link to the person blogging before or after them. This year an incredible 145 vegan and vegan-friendly bloggers signed up, amazing!! 145 amazing recipes you can browse whenever you wish to. It’s just easy like 1,2,3 🙂

Anyway, now it’s voting time!! The polls are open until December 2nd, ET, and if you liked any of these amazing recipes or even mine, I encourage you to vote for your favorites! The voting form is now available, so you can select your favorite dishes from each of the eight course, plus, select the blogger who you think made the most creative use of the featured ingredient, beets.

But that’s not it. If you have a Pinterest account, you’re in luck, because you have the chance to vote even more, yes, that’s right!

There are two pinterest competitions going on. One is for all recipes contributed to the potluck and the other one is for all the recipes using the featured ingredient beets.

You’ll find my recipe in the overall-competition right here, and for the beet-competition you’ll find my recipe right here. The photo that gets the most repins will win $125 worth of NuNaturals products 🙂  So, now pin away!! THANK YOU!!

VVP contribution

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