Toast to the Turkeys @Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

It’s the time of the year where animal sanctuaries invite to my favorite event for the year to celebrate one of my favorite animals: the turkeys!!

Last year I went to the Toast to the Turkeys at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary near Stockton, California. This 2-acre sanctuary is home to 13 animal species with main focus on the rescue of rabbits and birds. It’s the cutest sanctuary I’ve been to and the event was amazing!!

I took my non-vegan friend with me who was blown away by both the animals and the wonderful people we met there, well and the FOOD!!!

So, let me give you some details on this fantastic event. We did not only meet the turkeys, of course, but also the many other residents at Harvest Home.

First, we got to hang out with Monica and Mohawk, two adorable potbellied pigs who have such amazing personalities. Monica was the victim of a cruel college prank at the University of Southern California. She is a little shy but so pretty 🙂

IMGP0965And there was Mohawk, such a handsome pig! Mohawk was mauled by a pack of dogs and taken to a nearby city shelter. Luckily he recovered and now gets to enjoy his beloved belly rubs!

IMGP0975 IMGP0977

Then we visited the goats Chagall and Picasso. They are both former 4-H goats. Chagall (on the left) had an injury and ever since barely uses his hooves.


Then we moved on to the special stars of this day, the turkeys! I must say, this was the very first time in my entire life that I was face to face with these incredible creatures. Well, I had seen wild turkeys roaming in the wild, but I’ve never was so close to one. They are just perfect! I love the way the males show off their beauty and I love how sweet the ladies talk. What made me really sold was – of course – the sound the males make: GOBBLE, GOBBLE! If you’ve never heard that before, I’m ordering you to visit an animal sanctuary asap!


All the turkeys at Harvest Home were rescued from Thanksgiving Dinners. Everyone with his or her own story and cruelty behind that story.

The turkey in the following picture was actually bred so big that he’s now barely able to walk around because of his enormous weight. I was shocked how big these birds get and how much this poor boy must suffer from all this weight, like a prisoner in his own body.

IMGP1041I was really impressed how friendly the turkeys were and that they didn’t mind getting pet at all. After all they’ve been through they learned to trust again. Awww, they are just amazing! I’m so grateful that Harvest Home rescued these lucky boys and girls!

IMG_0923  IMG_1047

On the left you can see me hand-feeding a chicken the very first time ever! Who knew that I’ll be mocking out barns for these ladies soon ;-)Our next stop was the poultry barn where we met Kona, the turkey! Isn’t he beautiful, look at these feathers, wow!

IMG_1114 IMG_1200

Harvest Home posted this super cute video showing Kona’s handsomeness! Check it out!

We met many ducks along the way and learned about Guinea Fowl who originate from Africa and have been domesticated for the US market. They are monogamous and always live in small groups, they are very social, but VERY load!

IMGP1061 IMGP1067

We also stopped by at the rabbit barn and said hi to all the cuteness in there! Harvest Home is an official sanctuary for House Rabbit Society, based in Richmond, CA, and does an incredible job in helping these bunnies to find a forever loving home.

IMGP1100 We had some amazing food with tofurkey and excellent salads, side dishes AND dessert!! Incredible!! Colleen-Patrick Goudreau gave an excellent talk and the day was perfect when we watched the turkeys gulping down their delicious meal! It was such a wonderful moment and I’ll never forget the joy I felt knowing they are finally accepted, respected and treated well.

IMGP1197   IMGP1228

IMGP1230Right before we left I had a special moment with a bunch of male turkeys. We were almost out of their enclosure when I realized that they were following me. I sat down and they kept coming even closer. They even let me touch their head which I was really excited about as I always wanted to know what it feels like. I can tell you, it’s a wonderful experience. It feels slightly cold, but very very soft and you can feel the unique aura that surrounds these beings. For me it seemed like they choose very carefully who gets to touch them or not. As I said before I just love their sweetness and softness. I had no idea what turkeys were like before, so I was even more impressed to see how incredible they are!IMG_1413This event was worth every penny and I want to thank Harvest Home for putting so much work into this, for me, life-changing day! If you’re in that area, don’t miss out and get your tickets now to meet the turkeys at Harvest Home on November 9th, 2013! How could anyone ever say no to a face like that 🙂IMGP1245

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