Portland VegFest

My husband and I went to the Northwest VegFest on September 20th and 21st. It’s Oregon’s largest plant-based food event (that’s what it’s called on their website) and more than 6,500 people attended this year’s event. Pretty incredible number! Speakers like Will Tuttle, Dr. John McDougall, and many many more attracted visitors from all over the country.

IMGP4289We went on a little road trip and drove 570 miles up to Portland. We took off on Friday and stopped along the way at a few veggie restaurants (reviews to follow) and arrived happily in Portland. We love this city, always did, and we were more than stoked to be back again!!

On this 2-day event we heard amazing people speaking and watched fantastic chefs cook the best vegan food. I’ll just talk about a few of them here.

Our Saturday morning started off with the best of the best (in our opinion at least!): Dr. John McDougall‘s talk about ‘Marketing Milk and Disease’.

DSCN0553If you want to hear more about this topic, I encourage you to check out this youtube video, it’s worth the watch and gives you lots of information:

We truly enjoyed this talk and were very happy to have made this decision of going vegan. But we also got really worried about our friends and family who are still consuming dairy. Dr. McDougall’s facts are clear and well stated, and I’m hoping that our loved ones will ever change their minds after reading about this.

Another great speaker was Scott West’s daugther Elora who was talking about Sea Shepherd‘s ‘Operation Infinite Patience‘. This campaign, together with the Taiji Cove Guardians work very hard to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Starting on September 1st and usually continuing through March of the next year, fishermen herd whole families of small cetaceans into a shallow bays and mercilessly stab and drown them to death. Elora also talked about the impressive goals that Sea Shepherd Society achieved over the past years. We’ve been following the dolphin hunt for a very long time yet, and knew a lot about the information that was given. But we could tell that most people in the audience were just shocked when they found out about it. Definitely another organization worth supporting.

Well, and then of course, we were very happy to see Animal Place‘s Jamie London presenting the documentary Turlock which talks about the largest rescue of farm animals in California’s history.


Animal Place negotiated the release of 4,460 hens from a battery cage farm, where the egg farmer had left 50,000 hens behind without any food or water. Learn more about the rescue on the website specifically created for this rescue.

You can watch this excellent documentary here.


In addition too all the incredible speakers we were pretty excited about the exhibition! I’ve never seen so many wonderful booths in one place, and the best: they were all selling VEGAN stuff!

Of course, Herbivore Clothing Company, a local gem, was selling a nice selection of their clothing and more. Gotta love their stuff! We also visited their store – review to follow 🙂IMGP4301IMGP4300

Beautiful chocolates from Missionary Chocolates based in Portland as well. Yum!!

IMGP4323 IMGP4324

The best vegan dog food ever: V-dog!!


And more treats for your furry friend 🙂 Fantastic handmade dog biscuits by Isabella Dog Biscuits. We could take a sample from every single kind, THAT was cool!

IMGP4327  IMGP4329

OMG, Chicago Vegan Foods presented their VEGAN Marshmallows, heavenly!! And Mariam Foods let us sample their yummy Ethiopian dips 🙂

IMGP4332 IMGP4334

Schmidt’s Deodorant!! Ohh, I still love this product SO much!! Find my review here.


Lots of animal rights organization were tabling and educating the visiting crowd. So was Farm Animal Rights Movement and Factory Farming Awareness Coalition.


We also stocked up on pretty cool stickers from Action for Animals before we left on Sunday!

IMGP4336These were some of our personal highlights of the NorthWest Veg Fest! But there were too many to write about! We’ll hopefully be back next year 🙂

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