Art for Animals

On September 15th I attended a very special event at the PETA office in Oakland. They organize fantastic events every month, but this one was especially beautiful. I mean Art and Animals, can it get any better?! I don’t think so!


While enjoying champagne and wonderful food from Local Love Catering supporters were invited to bid on beautiful pieces donated by amazing artists benefiting PETA’s fight for animals.

A wonderful introduction given by Lindsay Rajt made me once again realize why PETA is such an exceptional organization and why they deserve so much support!!

CAM00358  CAM00360

Lindsay presented three videos I’d like to share with you as well.

In this exclusive PETA interview, Gabriela Cowperthwaite gives a sneak peek on the documentary Blackfish, an eye-opening expose on Seaworld and captive orcas . Have you seen it yet? There is no way you can miss out, everyone should see this material about captivity and why orcas are definitely not made to live in a concrete tank all life long.

Next in line is PETA’s amazing rescue of 11 bears who were being forced to live in a concrete pit. Thanks to PETA’s hard work they now get a second chance at a beautiful sanctuary. Check it out!!

Another animal that often gets used for our entertainment is someone who’s pretty similar to us humans. The great ape. Look at this powerful video and learn why these wonderful creatures don’t need to be used for entertainment and see how this video is just perfect without harming any animal!!

Now off to the artwork itself. Of course, there were more pieces than the ones I’m presenting here, and believe me it was hard to decide which one goes and which one stays. In the end I had to cut this post short which doesn’t mean the artwork I’ve not included is less beautiful or less precious!!

Photo courtesy of most of the pictures taken: Michelle Taylor Cehn.

First, I’d like to introduce you to beautiful pieces by Robynn Banx.

They’re both incredible and of course I love the left one because of the chicken, haha! By the way, the quote ‘The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man’ is by Charles Darwin. Beautiful.

The one pictured on the right is also stunning and amazing!


On the left of Robynn’s piece you can see the AMAZING art of Larry Torro!! ‘Welcome to the club’ is one of Larry’s outstanding pieces he creates to make people aware of animal injustice. He is a huge PETA supporter and makes a lot of dramatic animal rights message paintings. So amazing!! (Photo courtesy Larry Torro). He even donated to my fundraising page for my half-marathon, can you believe it?! That’s how awesome he is!!

Welcome to the clubAnother really fun piece was this ‘VEGAN spoken here’ fired ceramic wall sign by Susan Rattenbury. Such a great sign and a perfect gift for any vegan 🙂 LOVE it!!

Zwischenablage03Well, and then I may present one of the pieces I purchased, well, I got the green version, but it’s just as great! ‘For Loving not Testing’ – I couldn’t agree more! Thank you to Lily Cryler for donating these two amazing patches, SO beautiful!!

Zwischenablage04Aww, and one of my other personal favorites were these watercolor prints. Aren’t they cute?! They are simply perfect!! Check out Alison Fennell’s Etsy shop, I will definitely get at least these two beautiful prints, the elephants and the cows, so in love!! 🙂


Warren Croce created this incredible ape artwork called Chimp #3, wow!! There’s nothing else to add because I think the picture speaks for itself, right? Zwischenablage07This painting of a rescued sheep was donated by Margaret Parkinson. Margaret creates beautiful animal art work and brings them to life with vibrant colors. She was featured at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest for her beautiful animal pictures.

Zwischenablage16This cute ostrich was painted by Brandy Zurbano. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find her webpage and also forgot to take her card 😦

Zwischenablage20Funky Homo Sapiens from Finland (!) donated the wonderful Soft Sculpture ‘Funky Bambi’, isn’t this amazing!! It’s named ‘Harvest’, made of 100% organic cotton and 100% vegan!! So cool!! Stop by at their facebook page, they’re incredible!!


The amazing stain glass window artwork by Ken Johnson was a big hit as well!! Look at these beautiful colors!


A Good Habitat donated these super cute wooden jewelery! Check out their store, they have wonderful accessories!!

Zwischenablage26And last but not least, here’s another piece I purchased – yay!! You know what? I adore it!! It’s amazing!!!! 🙂 Isabella La Rocca is a great artist and you should definitely check out her website! She’s also an amazing animal advocate!!      Isabella La RoccaAll this bidding makes you hungry, but luckily Local Love Catering was there to provide delicious treats for us all!! Yum!! Local Love Catering will soon be opening a bistro in the East Bay, called Sanctuary Bistro. You definitely should check it out if you’re in that area. It will be SO great, that much I can promise! Because I know the amazing Jennifer Jones Horton and I’ve had their food, no question I can’t wait for their bistro to open!!! I supported their recent kickstarter and I’m already drooling for my treat 🙂


I mean, seeing these pictures, it’s definitely not hard to believe that this bistro will be a wonderful new vegan delight in the Bay Area!!!

Zwischenablage28 Zwischenablage29

Last but not least, thank you to the fantastic team at PETA Foundation Oakland for organizing this incredible event, getting all this artwork together and providing such a wonderful atmosphere!! Love you guys!! See you next time 🙂

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5 Responses to Art for Animals

  1. it was a super event. I’m so glad my piece found a loving home ❤

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  3. YAY! Love this post, Simone! Thanks for sharing the event with the world.

  4. Margaret H. Parkinson says:

    This looks like a fabulous day! There is nothing like animal people getting together. Then add art into the bargain and WOW!

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