Food for Thought Campaign

For my upcoming trip back to Germany I was doing some research to find out which sanctuaries I could visit there. There are a bunch of sanctuaries, but not too many near my home town. But then I found one and was SO happy!! Already started to plan my visit until I found out that they were serving eggs and dairy not only at their fundraiser events but also in their on-site restaurant. Woah, I was shocked! I mean, of course vegetarianism is slightly better than meat-eating, but does it really make sense to save and care for these animals on the one hand and serve their eggs and dairy on the other hand? Isn’t it absolutely disrespectful towards these animals? They’re saving dairy cows, chickens etc. but by supporting the dairy and egg industry and their cruel practices they’re contributing towards even more suffering of these animals at the same time, even though their mission is to stop animal cruelty. Hm, very weird..

Of course, I had to do something about it, at least I wanted to let them know that I disagree with their way of educating people and that I won’t support them in the future. While thinking about the ideal strategy to approach them I remembered one of Animal Place’s amazing campaigns: Food for Thought!LogoThis campaign encourages animal shelters to adopt an animal-friendly policy. Usually this campaign deals with shelters for dogs and cats where it’s common practice to serve meat on fundraising events, but I was hoping they were able to help with my problem as well. So I contacted Jacie Violek, the campaign manager, and she did an incredible job! She wrote up fantastic letters just for my situation and gave me so much information on how to approach sanctuaries and shelters like that. Her enthusiasm and dedication is one of a kind! Thank you Jacie!!

85% of those shelters polled by Animal Place believe that it is ethically consistent to sell or serve animal products on their fundraising events! Wow, disconnect in action!! It seems that even people who are dealing with animal cruelty every single day are not able to make the connection. Why love one but eat the other?

BellaThat’s why I encourage you to go to the Food for Thought website and learn more on how you can help to spread the word. For example, one first step would be to survey your local SPCA or Humane Society and find out if they have adopted an animal-friendly menu policy. The website even provides sample letters to your editor or the board of directors, so easy! So get started today and ask your shelter what their menu policy is.

surveyJacie also told me that all farm sanctuaries in the US are vegan (opposed to shelters, obviously) except for one that is still serving meat!! A farm sanctuary! Can you believe it?! Now that you know about it, you should proceed to action and use the information provided on the Food for Thought website. Please contact Lollypop Farm and ask them to take meat off their menu.

As far as the German sanctuary goes,  I expressed my disappointment and that I’m hoping they’ll make their menu more animal-friendly. I also posted on their facebook page hoping other people will realize what was going on.

We’ll see how it works out, I’ll keep you updated.

But you know, this little story once again makes me appreciate the AMAZING work that Animal Place does every single day to spread awareness. That’s why I love this place, these people and why I support them as much as I can. These guys truly are consistent in their beliefs and their visions and I wish that for all of us, so we can make this world a kinder one for animals.

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