Chicken Rescue at Animal Place

July 29th and July 30th 2013 meant a lot for about 3,000 hens that Animal Place rescued from a California ‘egg-laying’ farm. Well, these hens probably don’t remember these dates but they do and will remember that feeling when they were pulled out from these cages which were all they knew in the past two years (Photo Courtesy: Roni Seabury).

chicken rescueI’m sure they will remember that feeling when touching solid ground, flapping their wings for the very first time and finally do all the cool stuff that chickens do. The last time they were out of these cages was when they – still little chicks – were taken away from their brothers (which were either ground up alive or suffocated) and their beaks were painfully sawed off. For the upcoming two years these birds were egg-laying machines and that was all their lives were about. Their individual self didn’t count a thing, nobody cared about them.

Thanks to the efforts of Animal Place the farmer luckily reached out to them them after receiving information material about the Rescue Ranch program which asks egg farmers to relinquish custody of hens instead of sending them to slaughter.

Read about the actual rescue here:

I personally was not part of the rescue itself but I volunteered my time in the days following the rescue at Rescue Ranch. In this blog post I’d like to share my experience with this rescue.

When I went to Rescue Ranch right after the hens were rescued, I expected them to be in a horrible condition. I pictured them as worse as they can be. BUT, already being at Rescue Ranch for a few days, these girls where happy! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing there! Having been cramped in tiny cages no bigger than two sheets of paper, they were now appreciating the life they were given. They enjoyed their new lives and certainly did not waste a single second of it! Not sure if any of us humans would be as happy as they were just few days after being rescued from a horrific place. I don’t think so!

imageSome images I’ll never forget though. When taking a closer look, these girls might be happy, BUT their bodies were extremely exhausted. Their nails have never been cut, so they were tremendously long and affected their walking ability.


Also, these girls were used to living in a very confined space, and it took them some time to learn, that it’s okay to have space. Their muscles were very weak, so every night the caregivers had to make sure the hens were separated, so they wouldn’t smother each other while sleeping. These are just a few of the most obvious issues these animals are facing. Some of them suffer of prolapsed reproductive systems, cancer etc., all signs of egg-overproduction, which is the worst for me to see.

imageThanks to all the amazing people at Animal Place these wonderful hens were very well taken care of (Photo Courtesy: Toni Okamoto).IMG_9602[1]Nails were cut, health checks were conducted (Photo Courtesy: Toni Okamoto), and most importantly lots of love was given to the hens. Look at these amazing people!!


Within very little time most of the hens recovered and did all the cool things chickens do, such as dust- and sun-bathing, which are my absolute favorites 🙂

DSCN0480 DSCN0491Watch these videos to see how these girls are doing. A life as a chicken can be pretty cool, huh? 😉

Before I started volunteering with Animal Place I didn’t know anything about chickens. I had no clue these girls were SO much fun!! Now I could sit there for hours watching them doing their chicken-thing.

CAM00245 CAM00260

They’re the most curious and funny creatures I’ve ever met – I love them! I’m SO looking forward to be posting more pictures and videos in my upcoming blog posts about my work at Animal Place and I hope they’ll make you smile as well 🙂

DSCN0464 DSCN0476

I mean by now I’m sure you know how much this place means to me! Animal Place is doing amazing things and what I love the most about them is their consistency in terms of veganism!! They work so hard every single day to give these animals the best life they deserve. Being part of this amazing organization definitely made me a better advocate for those who cannot speak. This hands-on experience with rescued animals is extremely rewarding and I’m so very grateful to have gotten the chance to witness this rescue.

You can help too, by cutting out eggs from your diet or go vegan 🙂 Animal Place even provides amazing recipes to help you transitioning. Sing up to their Sanctuary Sweets Email List and you will receive wonderful recipes right into your inbox every Monday 🙂DSCN0500Also, if you live in the area, please be sure to visit the sanctuary and meet all the wonderful animals there. Thanks to a generous donor, you get even paid $5 to visit the sanctuary. More infos here. Another event I’m super excited about, the Thank the Turkeys celebration is coming up on November 23rd. You don’t want to miss out because turkeys ARE amazing!!

In order to support Animal Place’s amazing work I decided to run a half marathon in an effort to raise funds for the crucial work Animal Place is doing. The race is taking place later this year (Nov 3rd) and if you’re interested in supporting my race (and most importantly the training, phew), please stop by at my fundraising page and consider a donation for Animal Place, every penny counts.

Fundraising PageAll funds raised will go straight to Animal Place and will put to work where it’s needed the most! Please contact me or Animal Place if you’d like to have more information before donating. Thank you 🙂

For the animals!




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