Everyone knows PETA, sure! But have you heard about the PETA Pack??

It’s an aaaaawesome group run project and anyone in the world can join and pick their own races and distances while raising funds for PETA’s Investigations and Rescue Fund! All money raised will NOT be used for PETA’s fancy ads or campaigns, no, it will go straight to work to ensure a rapid and effective response to hundreds of cruelty-to-animals calls each week, helps provide neglected “backyard dogs” with sturdy doghouses, and enables undercover investigators to expose the hidden cruelty behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses, circuses, and more. Find out more here and make sure to like them on facebook.


Anyway, this year’s my second time running with ‘THE Pack’ and I LOVE it!! Of course I do, right? Why would I sign up for a second year if I hadn’t enjoyed my first one, ha!

So, here’s my story why this team means SO much to me! Last year I was neither vegan nor a runner, but wanted to change that. I really really needed a change in my life! I don’t remember how I found out about the PETA Pack but when I did I knew this was the best way to get me off the couch. I was a little uncertain about the fundraising, but you never know if you don’t try, right!

I signed up and couldn’t wait to start training. Next step was to pick a race and since I couldn’t go down to Malibu where the official PETA Pack race took place, I decided to choose a local race, the US Half Marathon in San Francisco. And I mean we’re talking about 13.1 miles! That was  a HUGE deal for me! I’ve never ran more than 2 or 3 miles in my life, and this would be my very first Half Marathon EVER!! I was SO excited!! Once I told friends about the fundraising and the training I was going to do, I couldn’t believe how much support they were giving me. It turned out, the fundraising was WAY easier than I thought!! The other thing about fundraising (and that’s what nobody would ever tell you officially 😉 ), once you have told people about the craziness you’re doing, well, there’s NO turning back! You know what, this and the animals that’s what really made me go these extra miles, and to fight through the hottest or the coldest weather conditions and to fight through three months of training. In my opinion, that’s a win-win for everyone, for me AND the animals! What else do you want?!

I was so thrilled by all the motivation I got through fundraising, the incredibly supportive PETA Pack team leaders Michelle and Jessica, the group runs and the one or two pounds I lost 😉 It was just awesome!

The training schedule that the PETA Pack provided was amazing too! For someone who never really liked running, I was surprised how well it worked out for me – I mean considering.. Even the long runs on Sundays seemed to be really easy all of the sudden. Then, at race day running this distance for the very first time was the best feeling ever!! Crossing this finish line was just incredible!!! This feeling of accomplishment and pride, wow, that’s just great! Thanks to Michelle over at for cheering at the finish line and taking pictures!!! You really rocked it, thanks a bunch!!ImageI still can’t believe it how this team changed my life. I went vegan in the first month of training and could definitely feel it. I felt lighter, my body recovered faster and I also increased my pace by a minute! WOW! I could also feel it on another level which was even more important. I felt happy, I mean really happy! Happy about making finally the right choices in terms of food (no wondering about buying free-range, organic, or whatever stupid label), happy about being consistent with my values and beliefs (why love my dog, but eat a chicken?!) and happy about finally being able to change the world, maybe not in one day, but step by step, one meal at a time! I owe it ALL to you, PETA Pack!!

PETAI guess, this leaves no doubt why I signed up for the second year, right? We’re now in the second month and THIS year my husband joined me, yeah! AND we’re going down to the official race, the Long Beach Marathon, on October 13th! Woohoo!!

If you happen to have a few bucks to spare and would love to support this cause, please head over to my fundraising page  and consider a donation. If this post inspired you and you’re up for a challenge, why don’t you sign up yourself? It’s not too late to become part of this fantastic team of compassionate people and to make this world a kinder place for animals (and for you!).

With Love,


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